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Media (is a) Circus

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Tom Roarty founded RA East in 1995 at the dawn of the new media phenomenon. Just as the times have changed, so has RA East.

We’ve expanded our experience from traditional print and advertising to websites, iPhone/iPad designs, logos, animation design and touch screen promotions to cover your every need.

From small folio sites to Fortune 500 web designs, RA East is always innovating ahead of the curve.

The only design source you need to take your business to the Big Top.

about the circus theme?

Just about everyone has heard the term “media circus,” but what people might not realize is that, for those in the day-to-day design world, MEDIA itself is a circus. 

IT’S EXCITING, IT’S CHALLENGING, IT CAPTURES YOUR IMAGINATION — and along the way you might meet a few clowns.

We celebrate the idea of a media circus because it is a metaphor for the challenges businesses face. Allow RA East, Inc. to be your ringmaster and whip things in order.

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